Olya Sergeeva (arborea) wrote,
Olya Sergeeva

L=50 in Roman

Я больше не могу. Остановите меня!

All in all Lyle Lill's dull smelly cell's well-like hell. lllegal! Lyle Lill'd kill to loll till Lily Lill's lullaby lulls Lyle to sleep.

Valhalla. Roll-call. Bells toll. Thrill! Lyle, Bill, Will&Lilly'll yell, fell&kill willy-nilly, quell ill will&fall all pell-mell in Hall

Lilly Lill, we'll lose. All hillbillies will willfully dillydally jolly skillfully lulling all tall Lille volleyballers. Trolls. Love, LL

A silly hillbilly'll illegally sell gullible Lilly&dull Bill smelly jelly.Smelly jelly's vile smell'll kill Bill&Lilly&hillbilly.Farewell

Dull Bill yells shrill villanelles (illegal in Lille). Pallid Lilly Lill flails&lethally falls pell-mell; Lilly'll lie still&Bill'll flee

L*L*L dolls lie in Lilly Lill's L*L holdalls. Lilly Lill'll sell Bill L*L dolls&Lyle L holdalls. How many dolls will Lilly Lill have left?
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